Hi, everyone, I am Storm Xu,Comedian/Actor. Born and raised probably gonna die in Yangpu Shanghai China。



  I started my comedy career all the way back to 2012, the initial motive was to insult my ex-girlfriend. However over time ,comedy and I clicked, then the rest is history.



  I don’t really do much jokes about my ethnicity background, that’s hack. Although audience love to hear it , so sometimes I just do it anyway.



  I am really self-conscious about my looks, last year I spent thousands on dental care, and you have no idea how much i love wearing blazer on the stage.



  In addition to all of that , my current aspiration of comedy is to meet bill burr, sit down have a chat with him regarding to sports and Patrice O’Neal, if it changes, I will  update it accordingly.



  I am headed to something big, stay tuned, Yo!


2010 - present
2010 - present